Interview With the Ax-Murderer and Other Curious Tales

Interview With the Ax-Murderer and Other Curious Tales by EJ McFallA tale of Lizzie Borden and other oddities

This collection of short stories is set in that gray world between fantasy and reality. The characters are eccentric, the situations are odd, and the outcomes are….well, not exactly happily ever after!

If you enjoy stories about cute puppies running through fields and beautiful princesses being rescued, these stories are not for you! If, however, you prefer to march to the beat of your own drum, join existentialists in Purgatory’s hottest café; have a chat with Lizzie Borden; travel to Roswell, a space station, and an isolated asteroid — all destinations on the path less traveled!

Inside you will:

  • join a young journalist on a trip to Falls River, MA for the interview of a lifetime
  • meet an odd survivor on a supposedly deserted asteroid
  • venture to a space station of the future to meet beings of the past
  • spend the night in a homeless shelter with something very dark and foreign
  • strike a deal with Death–but read the fine print first
  • travel to Purgatory to the ultimate existential gathering place

Available exclusively on Amazon in paperback format.