Seven Little Monkeys Making New Friends

Seven Little Monkeys Making New Friends by Delores ChappellAbout seven little monkeys meeting, and making new friends with the other jungle animals.

The monkeys decided the best way to do this was to have a jungle party, and invite the jungle animals. Unfortunately, something terrible happens to one of the monkeys which delays the special event.

Through all the misfortune a wonderful thing happens… “A FRIENDSHIP IS BORN”!

From the Author:

Writing this book was very motivating and inspiring for me. Children need more excitement and adventure through reading. When reading to children I found they were anxious to know what was going to happen next. I want to provide children with excitement and adventure every time they read. I like to teach children in a way that exposes children to learning without them knowing you’re teaching. My book also expresses the feelings of caring, sharing, and thoughtfulness by helping others through a crisis… teaching them how some friendships begin.

I have had people with small children tell me personally that they really enjoyed the book! Their children did too! I would hope that other parents would support me in making reading for children fun! So, go ahead and make the children happy by supporting and meeting their educational need… They will learn to read and care for others while learning how to make new friends!  Happy Reading! – Delores Chappell

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