Tangled Strings

Tangled Strings by Christopher ClarkAn international gambling thriller

Clawing your way up through the minor leagues of tennis to reach the ATP tour is difficult enough. But when unseen match fixers threaten and bully players to throw matches so they can cash in on rigged bets, it becomes a matter of life and death.

Caught between unyielding pressure and their own ambition, a handful of aspiring players fight back. The odds are against them, and the stakes couldn’t be higher as they take on the gamblers, all the while fighting to earn their place in the top tier of international tennis.

Press Coverage:

The story follows a group of aspiring tennis pros playing in the minor leagues, trying to win enough matches to reach the big time—the ATP Tour. Along the way, they are bullied, cajoled and threatened to throw matches so faceless international gamblers can cash in on rigged bets.

“You can bet on anything today,” Clark says. “If a player in a small Challenger tournament in Kazakhstan or Slovakia throws a game, or just a few critical points, who would notice? But if you know it’s going to happen, you can make millions.”

Tangled Strings is a fictional account of the dangers players face when gamblers target them and demand their cooperation.

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