The Drak’tdon’s Survival

The Drak'tdon's Survival by Beth ChaissonWhat happens when a race of people in a distant galaxy must leave their planet or be burned to death?

As they leave their planet in a group of spaceships of multiple sizes, they are forced to figure out how to live in long distance outer space travel.

While doing this they must also figure how to survive each other at the same time, which seems to be equally if not more difficult. 

From the Author:

I’ve been interested in writing ever since I use to write poetry in elementary school, unfortunately, I don’t have any copies of those early pieces of writing anymore.

When I was in High School I moved to writing stories. I tried to write romances but unfortunately that didn’t work out for me, after a few failed attempts with a few stories I decided to move to science fiction and I seemed to have a knack for it…the stories still were not good enough to be published but they were much better than my romance stories.

One thing I definitely learned is writing is like physical work, what I mean by that is the more you do a physical job the better you will be at the job. You will develop muscle memory as well as psychological memory. The same is with writing, the more you do it the better you will become, though the person must want to do it in the first place.

For us fictional writers and bookworms, I really believe one of the reasons we enjoy books is because it is a ticket to the imaginary world, it’s a cheaper way for us to be able to go anywhere we want and do whatever we want without getting hurt (we can not do that in the real world), and the best part of all is when we come back home it takes less than a second.

You who just read this last paragraph just found out why I am a bookworm and have been my whole life. I am the cheapest traveler on planet earth because I do all my traveling in books. if I go traveling for real most the time it is to visit family in Louisiana or friends in North Carolina. Otherwise, I am someplace else in a book or writing a book.

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