Akea by Elizabeth JadeFrom the day when she was born, Akea’s father knew that she was different; that she was destined for something great.

Akea is a Siberian husky who was born into a family of sled dogs and a life which should have followed a predictable path, but from the day she first saw the lone wolf, Akea knew her future lay beyond the safety of her home.

The wolf, Kazakh was well aware of Akea’s destiny and the traditions he would break to help her reach it. His task was to make sure Akea would be ready, no matter what the cost.

Akea leaves her family and with the help of the Wolfpack, she finds her inner wolf. Suddenly, the pack turns on them, casting her out to fend for herself. She spends some time in an animal shelter before going to live with a new family, yet she quickly abandons them to follow Kazakh to the Wolf Queen’s den. Just as their goal seems in sight, Kazakh is shot and seriously wounded.

Can Akea choose between protecting him and fulfilling her destiny? And even if she can, will she make it to the Wolf Queen in time?

Amazon Reviews:

A story about growing up that explores the bounds of loyalty and friendship. Well written and enjoyable, highly recommended! – Bernie S

Part coming of age story, part family drama, Akea: The Power Of Destiny is an accomplished and heartful epic that will inspire and delight young and old readers alike. Author Elizabeth Jade weaves a rich tapestry and takes the reader on a journey of adventure, danger, love and self discovery – all seen through the eyes of a plucky young husky named Akea who finds she is the custodian of a legacy that she will have to face or reject. Elizabeth Jade has an accessible and appealing writing style that has a wisdom and an affection that I really enjoyed. Her characters – both human and animal – are vivid and they leap off the page and the over arching message of Akea is both powerful and moving – discover yourself to discover your destiny. – Dean M.

Akea was a great adventure story, complete with fantastic illustrations. I loved reading Akea’s adventures, and her adventures. Of course, my opinion is of course biased from my life-long love affair with Huskies and Wolves. This book is full of both! I look forward to sharing this story with my children, which is of course the best review I can give any title. – James Q.

Another great book from a talented young author. It shows that the gift of writing knows no bounds. Even though ideas may come fast and furious, actually getting a book from an idea to a finished product is painstaking and labourious. I know because I am an author myself! So well done Elizabeth, and may you write many more. This book is perfect for children, young adults, and yes… even senior adults. You won’t be disappointed if you read it. So please do. – Henry B

Akea is a beautiful tale about her finding herself and discovering her purpose. The book is wonderfully written, and a really pleasant read. I really like animals, particularly members of the dog family. So I thoroughly enjoyed reading Akea’s story! – Laura Hopgood

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