The Girl with the Purple Hair

The Girl with the Purple Hair by Isabel ScheckIn which a sensitive boy falls head over heals for a mute purple-haired girl.

Benny had a thing for Violette. She did not speak, but they had grand conversations via their texts. He had a pet name for her, Vio, which made her smile each time she saw it, and he loved how she always seemed to reply to his texts almost right away.

Bennie hated that Violette had such a hard time at school. She was constantly being bullied because of her muteness and her purple hair. Bennie loved her hair and was livid when she cried and texted that kids called her a mute freak.

When Violette decided to go back to the speech therapist and work on being able to speak again, Bennie was there with her — hearing her voice and seeing her smile as she spoke gave him the biggest thrill. He would be her champion until the day they both graduated from high school, and things would only get better after that.

The Girl With The Purple Hair is a sweet and compelling story about a girl who was different and the boy who fell in love with her. Scheck’s story addresses the real-life bullying children and young adults with disabilities or who are simply different face each and every day, and the awful effects that peer mistreatment can have on the victim’s self esteem. The story also addresses the need for school nurses and other people in school administration to get involved in dealing with bullies’ attacks and ensuring that school is a safe place for everyone — even if they are different. I especially enjoyed seeing how well the story of Bennie and Violette’s relationship works even through the simplicity of following their texts to each other. The Girl With The Purple Hair is most highly recommended. – Editorial Review by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

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