Count The Roses

Count The Roses by Jackie WegerBetrayed and jilted, Jennifer Dewitt finds solace in New Orleans–that humid, high-stepping city of music and magic on the Mississippi River.

A new job. New experiences. Men and marriage are not on her radar.

Adrien Merrill’s divorce leaves him bitter and jaded. In Cajun custom, pride rules. Yet Adrien aches for a woman to fill his days with laughter, his nights with passion, and his house with children.

He sets his sights on Jennifer and runs right into stubborn, smart and independent. He soon discovers the line between pride and love is as whisper thin as a fine silk thread.

Amazon Reviews:

Another great read, almost read all of Ms. Weger’s books. I just can’t get enough, keeps me wondering what’s next! You will really enjoy this great book! – Millie H

Wonderful story. I’ve always enjoyed Cajun romance novels. This is a good read, funny as well. I look forward to reading more by this author. – Cindy B.

Jackie Weger paints pictures with words. Her descriptive talents take the reader emotionally inside her stories, and I never have read a bad book that had her name attached. Count the Roses is a lovely story about a woman trying to untie her overly possessive mother’s apron strings and a Cajun farmer who is looking for someone to make a home out of the plantation he inherited. The well written story takes place in New Orleans and the plantation on the bayou. The reader is drawn in by sights and smells to such an extent that her settings become real and vibrant. This is a sweet, clean romance with a little angst thrown in, but nothing that turns the joy of turning pages off. Highly recommend! – Texas

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I kept thinking it was written from a historical perspective but then the author would inject a modern scene with an airplane or cell phone and it would bump me right back to today. Old fashioned family values with just enough romance to get your blood pumping but not enough detail to overwhelm. If you still believe in love then you’ll love to Count the Roses. – Mama Nandi

First time reading this author and got hooked by her. I truly enjoyed the coming together of the two main characters and others in this story. Love the Louisianna Cajun and their ways and food. This was a coming home for the female character, even though she’s never been in this area. But the area was in her heart. – Maryanne R. Marcellin

Very refreshing, sophisticated writing. Well developed characters. No over the top, boring sex scenes used to fill page after page. Definitely not your average cookie cutter romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have already downloaded another of her books. – Mary Beth Maschner

The author tells the story like a friend describing an adventure. She keeps you reading and wondering how the heroine is going to reach her goal. I love the way she tells a story without using bad words or sexual trysts. – Aileen H. Kelley

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