The Abduction Chronicles

The Abduction Chronicles by Thomas L HayIn order to prevent the extinction of mankind, Tom embarks on a mission to uncover the mysterious secrets behind his abductions.

Who are the abductors? Where are they from? What do they want?

A story based on some mysterious and compelling true life events of the author whose ex-wife claimed they were abducted by aliens during their short marriage.

Join “The Comeback Kid’ on his incredible life’s journey as comes he face to face with his abductors.

The Abduction Chronicles by Thomas L. Hay has been awarded the PIPS Book Quality Award and is also an abridged version of “An Abduction Revelation” and “Abduction Revelation II”.

Amazon Reviews:

Wow! I will be thinking about this book for some time. Great plot, great character development and great twists. Just when you think you have it all figured out… you are thrown for a loop. Tom writes about this great adventure which leaves us with the question if it’s really si-fi or a true memoir. The book has a lot of action, some funny spots, with a dash of romance thrown in. The book had me wired from page one to the surprising ending. – Kristy

Written in an open style, like your talking with a new friend over coffee, this book captured my attention quickly. It’s the life of a man, and his wife, and his second wife, and how he feels his journey was guided. From the interesting item in his toe that he didn’t think anything of, to so very much more, I love the realism, tied to the Sci-Fi, and the small twists and turns. – Long Time AC

Well when you think you have figured it out…then the author gives you a jolt of reality? It is fascinating how he gets his future relatives alongside him in the journey! A must read because you don’t know it all of what’s out there and possibly walking amongst us like you know people come up to you and say you have a double look alike! – Karen Hay

Are we alone? Thomas says we are not. He writes an interesting and rather convincing story of his personal experiences that prove we are not alone! Do I believe him? Maybe, maybe not. I know one thing for sure, this book is a lot of fun to read! He has some amazing adventures and most of it is very believable. We get to know Thomas from his days as a boy growing up in the Midwest. He joins the Navy and strange events seem to dog him wherever he goes. Even working as a commercial airline pilot provides no succor from the strange dreams and dim unsettling memories. The book is very well written, using both First person and Third person, with plenty of action, dialog, romance and bad jokes. Something for everyone. Will you believe him? You might. I hope you read the book for yourself. – Mark Schultz

When The Kid/Tom, ultimately figures out what he believes really happened to him, his ex-wife, and current wife; it will blow your mind. If you are a child of the 70’s & 80’s as I am the references to books, movies and television will draw you even further down the rabbit hole (see how I did that )!! If you are a lover of Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and another great series of movies I can’t name due to it being a huge spoiler, you will LOVE these combined books. It is a bit lengthy and will take more than one day to read it, but you will need that extra time to go “oh, now I’ve got it”, just to find out that you’ve been maneuvered around ……AGAIN !! I received a gifted copy of the book and am voluntarily choosing to leave an honest and unbiased review. – Diana Page

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