1962Ernest Bradshaw has grit and determination, but best of all, Ernest Bradshaw has ambition, the ambition to become the next cycling champion to hail from 1960’s Lancashire.

Problem is, the threat of nuclear war is looming – and his mother is petrified.

If you like a good, nostalgic story, you need to read ‘1962’ and join Ernest and the wonderful array of characters’ journey into life, love, the ups and downs of cycling with a backdrop of global uncertainty.

Amazon Reviews:

A really enjoyable read for non-cyclists as well as cyclists who will not be sticklers for how the cycling world is – remember many racing cyclists do not have a clue how the sport is governed and this applies to the wonderful characters in the book. This author has the potential for success. – Mr. P. Roscoe

A thoughtful, engaging insight into the world of a 15 year old boy and his cycling ambition. I couldn’t put it down as I was introduced to a wonderful array of characters. Such a unique read. Clever and quirky. Look forward to reading more from this author. – Maggie Melville

I thoroughly enjoyed Samantha’s book. I loved the characters, especially Brenda and Brian Towers. I also now have an insight into cycling clubs. Looking forward to reading more of Samantha’s stories. – Richard Henthorn

This story carries the echoes of the era that seem quite prescient for today. – D. Walker

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