The British FrontLine (Codename Orcus Book 2)

The British FrontLine A thriller that moves from the desert of Afghanistan to DorsetA thriller that moves from the desert of Afghanistan to the leafy lanes of Dorset.

Patrick Regan is a man on a mission. Expertly trained by the Royal Marines and with crack sniper skills, he’s always taken the fight to the enemy, but now he realises that whilst he’s been away Great Britain has been attacked.

His parents are dead, his sister is missing and he’s getting zero help from the authorities, Regan is forced to face the faceless: the insidious thugs of the invading Russian Mafia. With their sights set on the complete domination of Britain’s organised crime, their toxic regime of bribery, intimidation and violence has even infiltrated to the very top of Britain’s military intelligence.

Once again Regan prepares to take the fight to the enemy, but this time, he’s hunting them on home soil.

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Amazon Reviews:

Good story of viewpoint British Special Forces In Middle East action. Surprise ending. – Jesse Coleman

Thomas J. Eyre has written a dark tale that has all the gentle subtlety of burst appendices. He has not held back or toned down the realities of what happens in a war, whether it be on a battlefield or in the streets. The story of Patrick Regan plays out in front of this gritty backdrop as he hunts those who murdered his family and threaten his remaining sister. Those looking for action and a very hero they can get behind, this is the novel for you. – Rheems

There were times where I found Patrick Regan to be quite brave, though at other times I thought he sometimes over-reacted a little bit. It was a slight surprise that I enjoyed this book quite a bit more than I thought I would and voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. – Carmen

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