The Games the Earl Plays (Heirs of High Society)

The Games the Earl Plays Heirs of High Society A Regency Romance BookAfter growing up in an orphanage, Rose Smith enjoys using her imagination to escape her reality.

Yet while she’d readily claim that she’d made the best decisions in life, her only mistake is when she falls for the one man in the world she can never have. The Earl of Obenshire.

They’re just friends, however. Albeit, very close friends. But that will never change the fact that he is an earl and the heir to a dukedom.

Could her life get any more complicated?

Gerard de Gray has never allowed people get close to him. But … for some reason, Rose’s company has become as necessary to him as air. Not only is Rose his best friend but Gerard’s feelings for Rose are beginning to change.
For a man who’s used to getting what he wants, he knows that for Rose’s sake, he can never cross that line.

No matter what…

Both Rose and Gerard are sure their friendship will stand the test of time. Because after all, they are great friends.
Closer than most friends, but only friends nonetheless.

Just friends.
Nothing more.
Aren’t they?

Page Count: around 450 pages

Amazon Reviews:

Another great story in another great series. This author abounds with stories that are fresh and not scripted. I was so mad at Gerard when he was rude to Rose. The ending was lack luster because I really wanted to see Louisa and Uncle Titus punished!!! They should have been forced to marry each other and that is all of the spoilers I am going to put out. The extra novlella was a nice story also. The best part of this authors writing is that she realizes that not all old men marry young women. It may have happened, but just as many young men married young women. It is the raunchy lechers that always wanted young girls who would wait to get married. This author keeps the ages from 1 year apart to about 9 years apart. And she also has second chance at live where an older widow marries a widower who they loved when they were young. I just like this author!!! Read the book! – Mary Gallo

In this book we learn about Rose, part of the “Smith” family, that was raised in the orphanage. She works at a library, which makes her knowledgeable in many areas. In this book in this latest series of Eleanor Meyers, I found myself going through many emotions, crying when the earl calls her the dreaded name. I found the addition of the scheming doctor’s daughter made me angry but then the appearance of another suitor made me laugh. Things take twists and turns throughout. The earls father is a real piece of work and not likeable. He does have his favorites in the Smith family. Thank God the Smith family men are protective of their women. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to see who has the journal and is making things known. – Gma Linda

I’m loving this new series. These young people referred to as the Smith Family were raised together as orphans but they adopted the Smith name and they are very protective of each other. They’ve grown up thinking they are just orphans but someone is leaking information about their parentage and with this story we have another child with a noble parent she knew nothing about. Rose is content in her life but her infatuation with Gerard can only be that and they must remain friends because she is an orphan and can offer him nothing but heartache. I love the way Eleanor takes these characters and weaves her story. I love the characters and find myself rooting for them to work through these issues. Can’t wait for the next orphan to be revealed. – Linda R

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