Free Book: Steal My Attention (Billionaire Pleasures Book 1)

Steal My Attention Billionaire Pleasures Book 1Life might be a struggle, but I’ll never give up on my dreams.

Hardworking is my middle name, not that I have a choice.

As a single mom who helps run a multi-billion dollar advertising company and helps my ill mother, it’s just required of me.

Dating, sex, love? Not at all in the picture. I don’t have time for that.

Until Elon.

Pain in the ass frat boy pretending to be a man. And they paired the two of us up to work on the biggest project my company has ever seen.

But I discover something…

He’s not pretending at all. He’s playing a game. One I apparently am not immune to.

Every cell in my body pulses when he’s around, the passion overwhelming, the attention desired so bad it hurts.

I can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever make it past our differences and get this job done or burn up in the fiery passion that consumes us both.

Book Reviews:

An amazing very well written read! Delicious hot chemistry! An exciting storyline that is intense and on edge enjoyable to keep you engaged and flipping through the pages! A powerful cliffhanger to send you reeling, wanting more! An on edge with enjoyable anticipation must read! I enjoyed this story and you will too! – Treasa

Incredible characters with amazing chemistry take on the Board of Directors in this wonderful story of corporate games. The CEO and owner of the company has let day to day control pass on to his employees and profits have been down. After an ultimatum from the Board, he must sign a new client while being hands on. The project manager doesn’t like that the boss is sticking his nose into her job, and comes down hard on him. They find a way to work together and comes to appreciate her boss. Great read. – G. Powell

Once I started I couldn’t stop! I loved how we got to know not just Elon and Amanda, but also how Dalton and Marcus were given such great focus being the best friends. Full of ups and downs, it was great to see how Amanda was able to help Elon keep his company but that cliffhanger!?! Wow! Can’t wait for the next book to see what choices Elon and Amanda make concerning the Board’s decision!! – Stephanie Danger

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