Crossover: The Chaser Chronicles Book 1

Crossover Christian AdventureJack Carter has a calling on his life, but it’s not to your ordinary ministry. He’s been called to be a Chaser. The problem for Jack, he has no clue what a Chaser is.

But he’ll soon find out, and heeding this calling would change everything he’s known, drawing him into spiritual battles unlike anything he could’ve imagined.

Will he accept the calling, and if he does, what will it cost him?

Good Read’s Review: At first glance I thought this would be a more factual Christian take on death but it was actually a religious fantasy book. I liked the premise of chasing people or spirits that run from judgement and the afterlife. Pretty interesting idea and a well written book. It’s also a pretty quick read, under 200 pages. Definitely worth a read, especially if you read fast because you will be done before you know it. – Ian Yarington

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