Collingwood Flat

Collingwood FlatCan Mick Conlon stop a murderous corrupter?

Easy going bodyguard Mick Conlon is thrust into a detective role by his panicking boss, gang leader Hardy. Conlon lives in the 1860 unsewered shanty town Collingwood Flat on the edge of Melbourne, a city developing after the gold rush. He must, with help of friends, find an explosives hit man and the criminal who ordered the killing. 

Out of his depth at first, Conlon is coached by girlfriend Annie, the local bar and brothel keeper. Mates Gul and Scratcher help, as do some unlikely allies against their ruthless adversaries. Destruction of the petty gangs of Collingwood Flat turns out to be only a stepping stone to corrupt intrigues at the big end of town. Can Conlon and his mates save their fledgling city?

Editorial Review: “Collingwood Flat delivers an insightful plot and in it the reader meets with some heartily joyful and witty characters. It is a romp of a novel. It is respectful of women and indigenous cultures and can be read as a parable of the present social and business world with its murky undertow of bankers, moguls and molls.” – Clare Allan Kamil, author and editor

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