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Author Branding & Marketing

Book Trailers – Video is a powerful tool when marketing books! Book trailers can be posted on your social media, YouTube channel, blog or website, and even on your Amazon Author page! Cost: $5.00 per video

Author Logos – You might think this isn’t necessary, and you may be right, but it’s still a great way to present yourself to an audience and does make your brand more credible. A logo can also be used across your marketing activities including social media accounts, websites, blogs, bookmarks, business cards, etc. Cost: $5.00 per logo


Book Covers – A great book cover can make a difference in sales. When people see a book with a great cover, they automatically think it’s better quality than a book with a not so great cover. If you need help with this, you can get a fantastic original design without breaking the bank. Cost: $5.00 per cover

Book Formatting – Whether your reader’s prefer eBooks or paperback, you want your formatting to look great and be functional too! This can takes days, if not weeks, to properly format a book if you have no experience, so it’s a time saver to have a professional handle it for you. Cost: $5.00 per format (your choice of eBook or paperback)

Professional Editing – 75% of bad reviews stem from bad editing! Do yourself a favor and have your manuscript professionally edited to avoid bad reviews. Nothing worse than having your book torn apart, not because of the story but due to bad editing. Cost: Varies

Audiobooks – There is no mistaking the increasing popularity of audiobooks! Whether you prefer a male or female narrator, having your book available in audio format will open up your potential readership in a big way! Cost: Varies

SEO Enhanced Amazon Book Listings – Maybe you’ve just launched your book, or you’re looking to increase the conversion rate of your current Book listing? Either way, an SEO Amazon Kindle eBook or Book Listing Description in KDP can help take your book(s) to the next level! Cost: Varies

Miscellaneous Resources

Constant Contact – Enhance your author platform with 60 days of free email marketing. Cost: Free Trial – no credit card required

Bluehost – If you’re needing quality web hosting, these guys are highly rated and offer 24/7 support. Cost: Starting at $3.95/month

Siteground – Another quality web hosting service with competitive rates and outstanding customer support. Cost: Starting at $3.95/month

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