Waiting for Evening to Come

This book is about the friendship that develops between a young white boy and an elderly African American man in rural Indiana in the 1950s.

In rural Indiana in the 1950s, an elderly African American man befriends a young white boy whose father is openly racist and who is determined to put the friendship to an end, even if that means exhibiting violence toward his son and the elderly man.

Amazon Reviews:

A great read for many ages! A great read for many ages! The characters come to life and bring out many emotions throughout the story. Book flows very well! – CSumm

I loved the characters in this book, and I appreciated that the antagonists aren’t one dimensional. At a time in our history where hatred of others is becoming more acceptable, this book is a strong rebuttal to that idea. – Mr. Nummy

This is a very emotionally charged read. I was taken back to my childhood and cringed as J read and recognized certain behaviors and words and ugly feelings I witnessed first-hand from adults around me then. This book is poignant and thought provoking. I couldn’t put it down. – JJ Kurtz

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