My Secret Escape: Restore Your Dignity, Transform Your Body (it’s this way…)

This book shares Shelley’s 7-step process to weight loss mastery that she created to lose 90 pounds.

She’s kept the weight off 10+ years and has successfully coached many women in her common sense, no judgement process that works.

Shelley is the Creator & Founder of Losing Coach®, the international weight loss coaching program for women. After successfully losing and keeping off 90 pounds on her own, Shelley created her seven step process to help other women do the same.

Shelley’s coaching has inspired women from around the world to transform themselves into healthy, strong, sexy, vibrant women. She is also is a world-renowned weight loss expert and has been voted into the Reader’s Choice Top 50 Online Weight Loss Coaches in the world.

Amazon Reviews:

What a powerful but simple and common sense approach to weight loss! No gimmicks, and you can tell it was written with love. The book starts with you realizing it is not your fault. The science is discussed. And the steps that are given are laid out simply and beautifully. Toss all your other weight loss books. I think I found the only one I’ll ever need. – Vegas Beck

This book is so easy to read. Finished it in a couple hours ! I am so excited to start my journey today. Shelly shows you how simple the plan really is. After losing the same 3 lb over a year, I realized how unrealistic I am in reality 7 weeks to obtain my personal goal is really not long at all. She charts out how you can reach your goal no matter how large or small. Thank you Shelly for setting us on the path to freedom. – Glitter Girl

FINALLY! Someone who really understands people and how they can actually lose weight! Shelley reveals her “secret escape” and turns out, it’s been inside of us this whole time, NOT within a diet! This book is the real deal. Well written, and the message is beautiful. All of us have hot bodies, even if they’re hidden by a few layers! This book is eye opening, inspiring, and all around phenomenal. The secret is out! THANK YOU SHELLEY! – Savanna

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