Remembering Joseph Chickadee

When wise and kind Joseph Chickadee passes away, other

birds of the forest come together to remember him and
celebrate all that he did as a leader and friend.  Follow
along in this story of love, loss, and grace as Joseph’s
family and friends say goodbye.

Amazon Reviews:

Remembering Joseph Chickadee is a delightful tale of the life and passion of a brave little chickadee leader. This story is full of vibrant characters, a lovely story line, and an age appropriate bite size exposure to life cycles and death. I love how the author has seamlessly and unassumingly tucked Avian facts right next to entertaining dialog. This is a very sweet and touching story that is perfect for sharing with your favorite small person while snuggling quietly on the couch for a lazy afternoon. The use of personification of the bird characters creates a whimsical world out of a subject that kiddos usually find awe inspiring to begin with. I mean, think about it, birds can FLY! That fact alone is so cool to kids. I do not know of any kid that hasn’t pretended they could fly. What a great way to teach children about love, kindness, death and future by using the tiniest, most interesting of creatures. – A childers

This honestly is a very amazing book for young readers to get their first real kind of introduction to what exactly is death or the passing of a loved one. I do love the elements of having each bird kind of say their memories like giving their own eulogy for the passing bird. I could not have found this book a better time because of my own life my family is experiencing a very extensive death due to cancer. And this really help my six-year-old kind of understand that although things are going to change it doesn’t always have to mean it’s a sad thing it’s just a way of life. The illustrations and writings were completely done on for this book and totally appropriate for the age level. The author is extremely amazing for coming up with this idea for a children’s book and I cannot be more thankful that I found this book at the time that I’ve done. – Rachel Lange

This story was really cool. I like the way the story line was catered to explain death to kids in a non fearful way. The story was sad but still had many positive sides to it. The illustrations were also very amazing and made me think back to my childhood days of reading books that were beautifully illustrated. The images fit perfectly with the theme and flow of the story. This book makes for a great recommendation to those who have or work with kids. Explaining death to a child can be overwhelming, especially very young children. This book would be a great way to introduce the matter in a way that is not fear based. This story has inspiration, adds emotional value, and focuses on the legacy of Joseph Chickadee and not his death which is awesome. It teaches that you should remember someone for the contributions they gave while living and that is always a good way to celebrate life. – Marquetta Hewitt

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