Thunderstruck: #1 in the 47 Floor Series (47th Floor Series)

 Thunderstruck: #1 in the 47 Floor Series (47th Floor Series) A lost game of rock/paper/scissors. A boy forever changed.

After losing a bet to his best friend, Arlo leaves his home in Central Services Tower for the first time for a rally held by the student-led Resistance movement. Injured in a Services’ police force raid, Arlo discovers the truth about him and the other children living in the tower; all semblance of safety is gone and he‪ can’t‬ return to the life he knew. With help from his friends, new and old, and a kindred outcast named Imma, he must choose between a dismal but certain future as an enhanced soldier or find the rebel in him ready to risk it all for freedom.

Amazon Reviews:

I’m a huge fan of dystopian fiction, particularly YA/NA. Thunderstruck did not disappoint. I read it in one day – I simply couldn’t put it down. The main character, Arlo, is stunningly complex. The supporting characters are also well-developed. Summers weaves a complex and incredibly beautiful web of character, world, and plot development in this debut novel. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of book 2. – Sarah R

I really enjoyed this book! Arlo is a fascinating protagonist, and he lives in an equally fascinating world. The book investigates how its dystopian society exploits underprivileged and special needs individuals (a concept that is particularly relevant to the world we currently live in). The various characters that Arlo encounters on his adventure are interesting and complex, with their own agendas and points of view. The pace is staccato-fast, which kept the pages turning. I appreciate a story that explores the gray areas in between the black and white moral choices, and this story didn’t disappoint. The first book in a series, Thunderstruck only scratches at the surface of its larger world, with plenty of opportunity to broaden its scope and exploration. I’m excited to see how the series progresses in the next book! – Ted Boone

Alie Summers, Thunderstruck, drew me into her novel with excellent characters, tight plotting, and a well realized Dystopia. Her clear writing style and well realized characters made “Thunderstruck” a good, fast read. I had not read her work before, so I went in with few expectations. What I found in this book primes me for the next book in the series that I hope she releases soon. The author stays close to first Pearson deepPOV. The reader appears to ride in the head of the protagonist, watching through the POV’s eyes. Making her POV character near non-verbal, startled me but her use of deepPOV put me in the characters head and carried me with the stories. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy dystopia fiction. – Melvin F. Darbe

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