The Dark (A Division 53 Novel Book 1)

While pursuing a knowledgeable, evasive target, Malkarai ends up in Cavington, a politically neutral town that is partially seceded from the greater United States – a place where agents aren’t always allowed and mutants like him are never welcome.

This only proves to be a problem when he runs into Satyrna after apprehending a thief. Wanting to repay him for his help, she forces her friendship on the stranger to help him avoid the prejudice of the locals, but ends up causing an avalanche of problems she never foresaw.

Book 1 in the dystopian Division 53 Series.

Amazon Reviews:

This is a fast-paced read set in an intriguing alternate future that is grounded in reality and is sure to please both fans of fantasy and realism. There is plenty of cloak-and-dagger action and mystery to keep readers wondering what’s next, and the fun and witty characters are easy to fall in love with. Enjoy this great story! – Audra A Kremer

Honestly being a non-reader I was reluctant to read this but it was my friends book so I gave it a shot. I was blown away with the how well the story kept me engaged. I read this over the course of a weekend and didn’t put it down except for necessities. Was extremely pleased and looking forward to future novels. – Alex Cunningham

I found out about this book from the author at a convention in Iowa. It was just as delightful as her personality! Of course, being at a convention, I had no money left and grabbed a copy of it here. The story is fun and gritty. Great characters and action throughout the dialogue. It is one you can picture playing out on the big screen. I’m looking forward to more of the stories! – Matthew E Nordin

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