Becoming Carmen: The Phat Girlz Club

Carmen Vasquez has lost every man of importance in her life until she meets Anthony Mendez.

She has stepped into the role of protector and provider at a young age for her family. Carrying the reputation of the gunslinging señorita who will shoot you dead, Carmen has built a solid wall of protection around her family and her heart against outsiders. She can’t allow herself to be vulnerable again. Anthony shows her how to trust and allow love to penetrate her toughened heart.

Join Carmen on her quest for love. And with the support of her best friends Sherry, Dani and Nicki, she takes us through her inspiring journey of Becoming Carmen as she attempts to redefine herself and reclaim her life while overcoming heart-wrenching loss, battles with depression, and struggles with weight gain.

Can she have it all, life as a successful business owner, wife, mother, sister, daughter and best friend? Or is she setting herself up for an even bigger disaster by wanting too much?

Amazon Reviews:

Becoming Carmen was a very good read. It was about friendships and bonding with them and your family. I couldn’t put this book down until I was done. I had to know if their bond lasted and guess what? It did. Just keep doing a great job Angel Cole. I’m looking for more books from you soon. – Cecilia Johnson

Angel Cole did not disappoint in Becoming Carmen, she gave us a heartfelt look into Carmen’s life and struggles especially with her postpartum depression ,a topic that not all women talk about , and how she recovered , and how unexpected challenges and changes kept her from her dreams, but with the support of her girlz,and family she kept going till she reached it. – KittykatRosi

Becoming Carmen is a story of survival, staying true to your heritage, and becoming the best part of yourself even with seemingly insurmountable odds. Cole, sensitively, captures the bonds of family, the unshakeable support system of life-long friends, PTSD and postpartum depression. Becoming Carmen is a novel of strength, the strength it takes to become “powerful today as women and as people”. – MICHELE VC

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