Dawn of the Ancients: Daniel

Dawn of the Ancients: Daniel by Aurora Birchwood“What did you see? What did you see? Clara please, you need to tell me.”

“You need to talk to Jasmine and it must be soon.”

When Jasmine meets a gorgeous stranger it quickly becomes clear that he is unlike any other man she has ever met. Just how different he is Jasmine is yet to find out. When his terrible secret is revealed Jasmine’ world is thrown into chaos as deadly threats close in on her. Can the mysterious stranger save her, or will he bring damnation to her door? In accepting the truth, Jasmine is forced to admit that there are terrible deadly things in the world that she cannot explain. It soon becomes clear that there’s more than just her new relationship at stake, her life will change forever as Jasmine faces love, loss, sacrifice and death.

Aurora Birchwood’s epic new contemporary fantasy novel, cleverly weaves an impossible world where the past and present collide with harrowing consequences and a deadly battle to the end.

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