Second Earth: Book Two in the Arch Mage Series

An ancient force has awakened. And only a brave young girl can tame its destructive power…

After defeating the evil forces that threatened the worlds of the Jent Path, Agnes Ann Cavanaugh has continued her magical studies. But despite her hard work and skilled tutors, she still struggles to master her power while managing her chronic pain. Until her handsome friend Temnon and his shapeshifting cat return, and whisk Agnes with her family to train on a deserted island.

However, her training quickly goes awry when a deadly earthquake forces her to use her powers to save innocent lives from catastrophe. Temnon suspects something sinister may lie at the heart of the disaster. Returning to First Earth, the pair of investigators quickly learn that there is more to these mysterious tremors than meets the eye… and now Agnes’s home, Second Earth, is in danger of complete annihilation…

Joining with two brilliant elementals, they travel to Second Earth’s core, where they discover a force unlike anything they have ever confronted. A new magic with the power to annihilate entire worlds… or give birth to a new dawn. And as Agnes is catapulted into a dangerous journey through time and space, she soon learns that the fate of a billion souls rests on her shoulders.

If she makes the wrong choice, countless worlds will be doomed—including her own.

Journey to a world of strange creatures, heart-racing adventure, and wondrous magic. Fans of Michael G. Manning and Lucia Ashta and Brigid Kemmerer will love this coming of age fantasy series.

Editorial Reviews:

Mind blowing is all I can say about Second Earth! Wow! Cami uses magic and science to penetrate the depths of the Earth’s secrets, to uncover a huge problem! This journey is one you don’t want to miss out on! – Kristal Thompson, avid YA Fantasy reader

Cami Murdock Jensen has created an absolutely spellbinding, charming and exciting fantasy series for young adults, and indeed adult readers too. One of the most engaging elements is the world-building and the concept of the new planets and places which Agnes explores during her epic journey to become the savior she is training to be. Overall, Second Earth is an excellent continuation in an appealing fantasy series by a talented writer. – K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite

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