First Earth: Book One in the Arch Mage Series

Raging scars and chronic pain made her different. Her courage made her savior of 2 worlds.

Agnes Ann Cavanaugh was always different from the other girls. Not just because of her scars, or the nerve damage to her legs… She can sense when people are lying, just by looking at them. And she can read almost any language, even ones she doesn’t speak.

Things get even stranger when Agnes interns with a professor of ancient texts. She is assigned to translate an ancient tablet, written in a dead. But before she can decipher its mysterious markings, a horde of monsters and a librarian with a ghostly aura attack from the shadows!

Rescued by an old man named Temnon, and his shapeshifting cat, Agnes is whisked away to a magical world known as First Earth. Lost and afraid, the teenage girl is thrust into a magical conflict, centuries in the making. But as the forces of good and evil clash, she discovers a darker power lurking behind the scenes, manipulating events for its own fiendish desires to steal her magic.

Can Agnes find the strength to summon her inner light, and defeat this demonic entity once and for all? Or will both earths fall before it’s terrifying power…

Journey to a world of strange creatures, heart-racing adventure, and wondrous magic. Fans of J.A. Andrews and Lucia Ashta and Brigid Kemmerer will love this coming of age fantasy series.

Amazon Reviews:

Great read for girls of all ages, but also for any boy that enjoys dragons, epic battles, and the possibilities of magic! This story is refreshingly clean. I have often found fantasy books tend to have some part or topic inappropriate for the young. Kudos for making a fantasy story that can be read at bedtime to a pre-teen without censure, but hold the attention of an adult. – K. Stearman

I am a fantasy loving book reader and have passed that love on to my children. So many young adult fantasy books focus on the dark and embracing dark things. I loved this book because it was clean content, the story was well written, strong narrative, cool battles and amazing abilities. (There was even a really cool cat!) The main character learns to grow, adapt and become a better person: not just accept how she is. The characters are awesome and relatable and even the new world is believable! Couldn’t put it down! Looking forward to book two! – Murdock

First Earth is the first in a new series targeted at teens/YA, but is enjoyable for everyone who enjoys reading fantasy. It is a part coming of age, but more coming to terms with oneself, exploring friendship, truth, responsibility and much more. That being said (it makes it sound so serious!), this is a fun adventure – the intriguing plot will draw you in. If you ‘suffer’ from the problem of not being able to put a good book down, then reserve time to read this through. The concept is interesting and the mix of science and magic is very enjoyable. The characters are well-developed and multidimensional, not only will you want to keep reading to find out what happens to them, but you will also look forward to the next book and next adventure! – Megan Forrest

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