Daytona Sands (Rick Sands Suspense Novels Book 1)

Daytona Sands (Rick Sands Suspense Novels Book 1) by Gary FidelIn what appears to be an open-and-shut case, a young surfing champion is killed and his mother confesses to the crime.

Rick Sands, Executive Assistant State’s Attorney in Daytona Beach, Florida, knows the victim and his mother, an old high school classmate. He is also familiar with what lies behind the glamorous facade of “The World’s Most Famous Beach” and his instincts now tell him that there is more to this case than simply a mother inflicting fatal injuries during a violent argument with her son . . . but can he prove it? Over his boss’s objection, Sands insists on conducting a full investigation. Joined by his lifelong friend, Ty King, a detective in his office, Sands follows a trail of deceit, cover-up, and murder, putting his career and then his life at risk.

Daytona Sands is the first in a series of suspense novels featuring Rick Sands. Set in the 1990’s Daytona Sands explores the dark side of one of Florida’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The painful, tragic, pre-Disney history of the Sunshine State, built on decades of racial inequality, serves as a backdrop for this suspense novel, which combines crime, courtroom drama and exciting action scenes.

The author, Gary Fidel, grew up in Daytona Beach, and was a career prosecutor for over 30 years in real life, giving this novel authenticity and directness.

Amazon Reviews:

I found this book surprisingly easy to read. It was well-written and kept my interest. I hope to see more from this author! – LAN

I stayed up late to finish reading Daytona Sands, and don’t resent a minute’s lost sleep. Rick Sands is a Florida prosecutor facing the case of his career, and the reader gets to go along as he sorts out murders new and old, sex, politics and one very creepy (but believable) bad guy. This book was fun to read and I look forward to further Rick Sands novels. – Cheetah Rubenstein

A great read, Daytona Sands was completely immersive. Fidel paints a picture of Daytona that draws you in deep with extra savvy detail of the criminal justice system worked into the plot. I couldn’t put it down. – Alexander

I loved the unique setting for this murder mystery–the city of Daytona Beach, both past and present. A great combo of surfing community, southern town in the past, more urban today—and a main character who’s complex in his background and his friends. The plot twists and turns kept coming—so I’m looking forward to more books and more development of the character’s back story. A great page-turner! – Dacs

This book has suspense, intelligence, a touch of noir, and an ending I didn’t see coming. The writing is vivid and detailed with scenes that linger in the memory as if I were there. The author knows his way around law and makes that exciting, too. A great read. Just don’t plan on getting anything else done that day. – Jonathan Rauch

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