Deep Water

Tucked in the wooded niches of Johnston County illegal barrooms serve as meeting places for drug deals and hunting grounds for a serial killer.

Tara Headley is looking for her next easy prey. But when she sets her sights on Keith Harper, Tara learns that not all prey is easy.

Bobbie Harper knows her marriage is crumbling. Her husband’s new friends are as secretive as ghosts. The only way for Bobbie to understand what’s going on is to find answers herself. But what she discovers leads her to question her own humanity.

Amazon Review:

I previously knew of Lora Kempka when she and I were columnists for a local newspaper. I had no idea until a few months back that she had written a book, so I was eager to read it. Once I started to read it, I couldn’t stop. As I told her, each chapter became a piece of a puzzle. Finally towards the end of the book, all the pieces begin to fit and you realize where the story is going. Then it becomes a struggle between the two main characters in a life and death situation. I very much enjoyed the story and would recommend Lora’s book to everyone, especially those who like reading mysteries and suspense. – Jackie Tart Tew

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