Hannah Goodheart and the Guardian of Time

Hannah Goodheart and the Guardian of Time by C. Michael MorrisonTurning thirteen can be difficult – especially when a time-traveling thief steals your necklace, and a brewing temporal conflict turns your birthday party into a mission to save the universe.

As Hannah and her friends chase the thief across time and space, they learn her necklace is more than a pretty piece of jewelry. Only one person can control the powerful pendant, and they must find them before the entire universe is wiped from history.

Myth and magic collide in Hannah Goodheart and the Guardian of Time.

Amazon Reviews:

A well written and interesting adventure story, interweaving myth, sci-fi and current-day reality with realistic characters. – Steven Bennett

This is an awesome blend of fantasy and action-packed adventure with touches of magic! Plus there is time travel so what more could you possibly want! I loved this adventure with young Hannah and all of her friends saving the world. Great book for middle school age. My students loved it! – Dr. Patricia Eroh

This book was such fun. It was an exciting and an amazing ride through time and space with young friends celebrating Hannah Goodheart’s 13th birthday. When a time traveling thief steals Hannah’s necklace, Hannah and her friends slip through a door in time to find the one person who can control the powerful pendant. They must find them before the universe is wiped from history. Even though I’m way to old to enjoy this book. I found it mesmerizing and can’t wait for the next in the series. For a first novel C Michael Morrison did a wonderful job. – Joy

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