Tower of Nirvana (The Trinity Trials Book 1)

Tower of Nirvana (The Trinity Trials Book 1) by Dexter Carr JrDemitrius, son of the Archangel Michael, and Mathias, son of the Archangel Gabriel, were with their mutual friend, Melody, exploring places they weren’t supposed to, as usual.

It was in front of the forbidden fruits of knowledge and life, dead center of the Radiant Forest, where their lives changed forever. Haunted by strange headaches and branded with weird symbols, the two boys soon learn they have been chosen as the next candidates for the Trinity Trials.

They, along with the mysterious Eous Lucentes are placed on a dangerous journey of Gods, heroes, monsters, and magic. The boys must temper themselves and overcome dark enemies in the first of their many trials, the treacherous Tower of Nirvana.

Can Demitrius and the others become the next Holy Trinity? The fate of the worlds may rest in their hands.

Amazon Reviews:

There are a diverse set of characters, each with their own personality… It certainly possesses unique concepts, interesting battles and an intricate plot that is much more deeper than what it simply entails. If you are interested in something different, something different from your average Harry Potter magic tale, I’d say give it a try. – Chris

I love the feeling and thought that went into this book! The characters are colorful and well described to a point where you can visualize what they must look like and the general disposition of each, from the author’s point of view… It challenged my way of thinking and I enjoy any type of storyline that can do that! You can tell he put a lot of thought and time into it and made it uniquely his own work of art! I look forward to future books in the series and would love to see this go farther! – Amy Karstetter

In his first novel, Dexter Carr Jr. has created a unique and diverse world, filled with different philosophies and characters. The Archangels are brash, combative, and collaborative and this is reflected on the personalities of their children… Ultimately, The Tower of Nirvana is about the relationships and disconnect between Parents and their kids and the struggle for supremacy between the forces of Good and Evil that binds them all. I look forward to Mr. Carr’s next book in the series and watching his growth as a whole. Cheers. – Amazon Customer

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