How to break into the Audiobook market for less!

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing market. Isn’t it time to get your piece of the pie?

A recent survey by the Audio Publishers Association showed that 50% of Americans have listened to an audiobook, and that 24% of consumers have listened to 10 or more in that time. That’s a growing market! But how can you as an author break into the audiobook market without breaking the bank?

To help you answer that question Digital Book Girl has uncovered several professional audiobook narrators who create audible ready, professionally recorded audiobooks ready to upload to Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and more at rock bottom pricing!

Digital Book Girl has done the research, to save you time and money, so go ahead and check out our top recommendations below…

Ben - Professional Voice Over Artist and Audiobook Producer at Digital Book GirlBen is a New York City working actor with a standard American English accent. He’s articulate and can handle “big words” and a range of genres.

Cost is only 3.3¢ per word! So if you have a 3,000-word story, that means about $99 to read, record, edit, and master your book to ACX standards!

Click here to check out Ben’s audio samples.

Linnea - Professional Voice Over Artist and Audiobook Producer at Digital Book Girl

Linnea’s Dialects include: Neutral American, Southern, New York, Midwestern, Californian, General British, Australian, Irish, Spanish, French.

Age range: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Senior.

Characters: Various Male and Female characters.

Click here to check out Linnea’s audio samples.

Jim Cooper - Professional Audiobook Narrator and Voiceover Artist

Jim is a full time voice over artist with a classic, “guy next door” male voice with a generic American accent, and can perform a range of tones and inflections from blue collar everyman to experienced CEO.

He has narrated, engineered and produced numerous audiobooks, including fiction and non-fiction.

Click here to check out Jim’s audio samples.

Matt - Professional Voice Over Artist and Audiobook Producer at Digital Book Girl

Matt is a native Brit with a neutral British accent.

Multiple characters for a short stories or novels, children’s books, biographies, educational books or other non-fiction books. Cost is less than 2.9¢ per word! That’s a 3,000 word book read, recorded, edited, and mastered ACX standards for less than $99!

Click here to check out Matt’s audio samples.

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