Sell more books by giving readers more options!

Give your readers more choice by having your books formatted for print or Kindle for only $5!

Millions of readers around the globe still enjoy and even prefer print books. Stop ignoring prospective readers, and potential sales in your promotional efforts by giving buyers the choice to buy a print version of your book—especially those who prefer holding a print book in their hands! Of course eBooks are the way of the future, so if you’re needing eBook formatting, our top recommendations can help with that too!

And remember, even if your books are enrolled in KDP Select, you can still make them available in print format where ever you choose!

The take away: Giving potential readers the option to buy your book(s) in their preferred format means more books sold.

Digital Book Girl has done the research, to save you time and money, so go ahead and check out our top recommendations below…

Rasedul is a professional book formatting expert with extensive experience.

He is a professional Kindle and CreateSpace book formatting expert. He is also proficient in formatting specialty books such as Recipe, Comic and Children’s books.

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smartkeys is a professional book formatting expert with over 4 years experience.

She provides professional book formatting for Lead Magnet, Kindle, Paperback, Createspace, Epub, Mobi, Ingram Spark, Lulu and Smashwords.

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