Drones (The Ultimate Guide)

Drones The Ultimate GuideHave you caught the drone bug? Looking to buy your first drone but feeling overwhelmed? Want to learn how to build your own drone or become a better aerial photographer?

Then this book is for you!

This book provides a good introduction to drones as a whole for beginners as well as advanced flyers. It features a detailed explanation on how drones work and their main parts, learning to fly a drone as a complete beginner and improving your flying.

You will also learn about other unmanned radio-controlled vehicles as well as building your own drone from scratch, or, if you prefer buying one – choosing the best drone for you. If you are into aerial photography with drones, this book will also teach you how to become a better photographer.

This book also includes: An introduction to drones, how drones work and their main components, other radio-controlled vehicles and multi-copters, learning how to fly drones and rules, building your first drone, buying your first drone, how to shoot better photographs with a drone, additional tips and much more!

Amazon Reviews:

It’s so hard to find valid information nowadays, especially in growing industries like drones. There’s so much stuff on the internet, yet so little of it is useful. Read this book you will learn more information than you every thought existed for drones. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start livin’ the drone life! – Rock

I am planning to buy a drone that’s why I grab this book because I want to learn first how it works and what are the proper way to use it. This book explains everything about Drones as well as the essential things that I needed to know. I like how this book written because it is easy to read and understand. Will definitely recommend this to others if you don’t have enough ideas about Drones and you want to buy it. This book helps you to decide if you are going to buy a drone or not. – Jayden Logan

Thinking about getting a drone and know nothing about drones, start here! Gives a good rundown about how they work, how to fly them, what to get, etc. Book talks a lot about aerial photography and that should be very helpful if that is your prime interest. I especially liked the “Check list” or “Preflight” part. In summary, it is a quick read and will give you all of the basics to get you going in the right direction and save you some money and grief in choosing, buying, and operating your first drone. I would have given this book 5+ stars except that a lot of the pictures and links did not appear on my Kindle, but still well worth the price and time to read. – Eric K

Great book! The writing and instructions are clear and complete. Without prior electrical or drone knowledge, my daughter and I were able to successfully build our drone. Well written book with a wealth of information on the Drone industry. Recommended for anyone looking to get into the field or becoming a hobbyists. – Kriru

Having read two other book’s related to learning about drones, I found them to be abbreviated information at best, (no substance). Ben Rupert brought some things to light in this book that I hadn’t considered however, he referenced some accompanying photos and links that weren’t viewable in my Kindle edition, but I won’t let those omissions detract from my five star rating. Good luck to all new and established drone/uav pilots.- Derrick B.

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