The Vermilion Strain: Post-Apocalyptic Extinction

Emma, Brian, Flynn, Cooper, and Paadini are the lucky few who’ve survived the deadly pandemic, EV-01-H virus, or the Vermilion Strain.

It is a contagion so virulent, that it has caused an extinction level event. None of them have seen humans for weeks, and no one is coming to help them. They must each find the courage to carve out a new life in a new reality, a new world. They must learn new skills and face challenges that they never bargained for. What is out there, awaiting them? Will the human species blink out of existence? Each day is a gamble, a stratagem of life and death.

Amazon Reviews:

A very well written post apocalypse pandemic fiction. Just enough action to be invigorating but not so much to make me anxious. Good dialogue and character development. – Gerri

No bad guy around every corner and the small interactions with bad ones resolved quickly and easily. Some ppl might see that as a flaw but for some reason for the past few years I get stressed easily. Prob not the best genre for me but I’m low key obsessed with zombies and pandemic disease fiction. – Zoey

It’s great to read a solid story without having to deal with a sequel! The characters were your normal friends or neighbors who just happened to have good heads and hearts. With ninety percent of the people dead, the chances of meeting people will be rare and it is reflected in this book, unlike other books, where even with the die off, the main characters always seems to meet bad guys. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Thanks for writing it. – Book Auntnz

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