Zara Hanson & The Mystery of the Painted Symbol

Zara Hanson & The Mystery of the Painted Symbol by J. L. HaynesZara Hanson is a specialist asset of a clandestine agency that investigates mysterious phenomena. Asked to take on the most important mission of her life, should she accept it?

With the mission accepted, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Partnered with an extraordinary agent, Zara is about to fall into a universe that unravels in such a way that affects her mind, heart and soul.

An astounding mystery woven into the entire universe.

A wondrous mystery.

A mystery of self-discovery, of remembering who you are.

But who’s really pulling the strings?

Amazon Reviews:

As a mix of Mass Effect and Dr. Strange, Haynes creates a thrilling story that has religious and philosophical undertones throughout. The characters blend well with the seemingly celestial and intergalactic setting, introducing intriguing missions into space and even out of consciousness. This enveloping story ultimately questions the human experience. I recommend it without reservation. – David V. Mammina

After getting past some eyebrow-raising clichés – main character is a virtual Superwoman – I started to feel quite invested in the story. The concept is very interesting and well thought-out. While doomsday scenarios run rampant in this genre, this author captured a fresh take on the matter. What really made the book for me, was the fact that there is no pushy love story. This was genuinely a fantasy book about saving the world, which seems quite rare. Definitely a worthwhile read! – Eva Lazar

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