Deceive Me: The addictive psychological thriller

Your daughter is missing. How far would you go to find her?

When Jo’s teenage daughter goes missing, she feels like the world is collapsing around her.

The police believe Grace is just an angry teenager, punishing her parents by hiding out at a friend’s house, but Jo is terrified that her daughter is in grave danger. With so little urgency from the police, Jo decides to take matters into her own hands.

But, as Jo gets closer to discovering what has happened to her daughter, a devastating secret is uncovered that threatens to destroy the family she has been trying so very hard to protect…


An addictive psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott’s And So It Begins, Claire McGowan’s What You Did and Erin Kinsley’s Found.

‘The ending was nothing short of brilliant!’ Amazon reviewer

‘An ending that left me gasping’ Amazon reviewer

‘An explosive ending’ Amazon reviewer

‘The end left me with my jaw on the floor’ Amazon reviewer

Amazon Reviews:

This was a very good book! Twisted at the end not what I expected! This story is about Jo and her teenage daughter Grace who goes missing. the book goes back and forth in Jo’s life gradually bringing you to the present day. I found this to be a smooth reading but with an ending you never see coming!! Very well written storyline and characters. Kept my attention all the way through. would recommend this book. – jjthor

I can’t say enough good things about this book. I absolutely loved it. I can’t believe I finished it in one day, that’s how good this book was. I just loved how there were so many twists in this book. You never knew what was going happen next or who to even believe. Everyone had a secret that they were keeping and didn’t want it exposed. The biggest twist came at the end. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’m so happy that I decided to read this book. It is very rare that I find and book that I just devour in a day. I just had to know what happened to this poor girl. – Melissa Bartz

This book held me captive as the story unfolded effortlessly. It makes you question if you ever really know a person- even someone in your own family. This is a dark twisted tale of a girl who goes missing, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to this story than meets the eye. At first glance it seems like a typical missing child story. As we read on it turns into a tsunami of cataclysmic events which picks up speed and magnitude as it races furiously towards the final page. A very exciting read, will def be reading more from this author. Highly recommended. – CarlaB

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