The Genesis of A Genius

“And what would that be saying of your ‘genius intellect’ then, Mr. Smythe? For the world to know that you’ve been outsmarted by a couple of halfwits and a simpleton?!”

Donna Maria Bella had been brought up to be nothing more than a simple farm girl. Life outside her family farm had been forbidden to her before her father’s demise.

But things had changed…

She was trying to do a good deed, but had went about it the wrong way.

Maximilian Smythe was world renowned for his mathematical and language skills. His mind was above and beyond reasonable at reasoning, statistically speaking.

But things had changed…

He was on the verge of discovering that when God enters the equation, reason goes out the window!

For what the world deems simple can be quite complex and what the world qualifies as intelligent is, but simple foolishness…

Amazon Review:

This book was entertaining, educational and a good read. A little hard to get in to, but good ending. Would recommend to any with some knowledge of the Bible and or Hebrew. – MsTawnya

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