Of Beauty and of Bands (The Earl of Giveny’s Grand Daughters Book 2)

So, what’s a girl supposed to do- when the man who is in love with you wants to kill you?

Years have passed…

Tiara Montgomery is a little girl, now grown into a woman. Here at twenty-one, she plans to buy the property adjoining Daddy and Mimma’s once, she has married her older brother, Joey. She longs to set her roots deeply into the soil of her own land.

Years have passed…

And the White Buffalo is ready to arise from the earth once again, in order, to reveal the long hidden secret that has been held within its golden eyes.

What makes nobility, Noble?

By the time he discovers that he is in love with her- jealousy, selfish greed, and revenge will be on the table. While mental instability is being served in those plates Mimma has cherished all these years.

What makes nobility, Noble?

He has been robbed, the Crown Royal is making demands, and the Red Knights are perpetually breathing down his neck.

It would be enough to cause any man to lose his mind!

She is a tender twig! This sacred soil is his land!

And each have their own valid reasons to see to it that Tiara is planted in a grave deep beneath the earth!

See what happens when the child, who was born addicted to drugs, grows into a woman; who discovers that God didn’t disappear…

We just forgot where to look for Him! In the White Buffalo’s final episode of The Earl of Giveny’s Grand Daughters Book2.

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