The Second Star: A Christmas Western

Mark Jordan was in no hurry to finish his ride across Texas to his first assignment in Dallas.

He was ashamed of himself for not standing up to his father and choosing his own career. But, now he was an ordained minister and wished something would happen to change the course of his life, not knowing that the two riders that would share the trail would do that and much more.

Amazon Reviews:

Quite a different story from Petit. This Western is full of surprises. A man who has lost memory of his identity returns to a town where the people there know him as the man who had been their sheriff five years ago. I highly recommend this author. I hope that he continues to write interesting stories because he has only two remaining that I haven’t read. – Kindle Customer

I believe I have read all of CJ’S books as of today. Hope CJ will continue writing for many years. The Second Star is an outstanding story of good vs evil . Love & goodness prevail! Miracles happen in the story & remind us that miracles still happen. Two young brothers are given a second chance in life after they fail to kill Mark/Mack. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas story of love & miracles. Keep writing CJ! – Wendy Ireland Potter

Well worthy of the five stars I awarded this great episode of our wonderful western adventures. This is a wonderfully descriptive measure of the true old west and the characters were placed exceptionally well. This, to me, is a family oriented story and the storylines are so easily followed. There is plenty of excitement throughout the book, and I was definitely impressed with the author’s ability to maintain my interest throughout the entire story. I recommend this book to all family oriented readings, as this one will definitely meet, and probably exceed, all of your expectations. I cannot emphasize how wonderful the message was, as I was somewhat spellbound throughout the entire book. – Kindle Fire Charles Castell

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