From His Perspective

‘A genuinely laugh out loud book’ that starts with a big bang…actually it starts with THE Big Bang.

It’s a unique blend of humour, fantasy and history – think Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams and you’ll get the general idea. From His Perspective is the story of The Boss and his hapless PA, Norbert, who work together, with their team, overseeing the Factory, better known to us as Planet Earth.

If it hadn’t been for an accident involving a stray biscuit crumb, a black hole and a size 7 tweed slipper, they could have stayed true to their original blueprints but, as it was, they got stuck with humanity, a complex and extremely irritating species.

As the humans blunder their way through history, trying to grapple with the myriad of emotions that were installed in the early developmental stages, Norbert and his Boss do what they can to help. Unfortunately, they frequently cause far more problems than they solve and are often hindered by the restraints placed on them by the Accounts Department, and the militant actions of Gavin who deals with Returns.

They watch as cavemen tackle woolly mammoths in order to fill their larders and provide next season’s wardrobe and quickly regret introducing them to fire. Rivers run red with blood and plagues of frogs are visited on the Egyptians which does nothing more than interrupt their laundry schedule and promote an increase in sales of sandal cleaner. The Boss has decades of sinus infections and soot covered sandals as Henry VIII and Bloody Mary take power, prompting him to create syphilis and pheromones which, in turn, cause their own problems. Wars, the industrial revolution, slavery and empire building – all it does for Norbert and his Boss is push up the overtime budget, create more paperwork and really, really get on their nerves. Not only that but the human’s blatant disregard for their habitat means braving the really long ladders to make repairs to the ozone layer.

They are left doubting whether they will ever fully understand what drives mankind. More importantly, they wonder if they’re to blame. Did they add too much essence of sheep? Did Cyril make a mistake with his calculations when they decided to increase intelligence levels? Was it such a good idea to use different pigments for the humans just because it made life easier for Cedric in Tracking? Would their lives have been easier if they’d just stuck with amoebas and forgotten about human beings altogether?

In the end the Boss decides that the only way to really deal with the humans is to tell them why they were created.

Amazon Reviews:

If you like quirky humor, this book will entertain you. I felt like it if the narrator for “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” decided to record the creation of the world and onward. It’s not just about the creation but also various important events throughout history and how The Boss and his team reacted to it all in an entertaining, disconnected way. If you’re looking for a light, funny read, this book will work for you. This book made my chuckle. – Aspen Bassett

My favorite part of the book, to be honest, is the bumbling assistant Norbert. Norbert kept me in stitches. The book doesn’t just stick with creation of the world and its early stages. There are other important parts of history that are examined such as plagues, Henry VIII and Bloody Mary. Overall this book is a humorous look at our world. The plot moves along at a good pace. The characters are well developed. And of course, there are plot twists that kept me interested. I give this one four out of five stars. If you’re looking for an entertaining fictional view of how our world was created and its history from a different point of view, this one is for you. – Kathryn Blade

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