Spanish Stories: A Dual-Language Book (Dover Dual Language Spanish) Revised ed. Edition

Spanish Stories A Dual-Language Book Dover Dual Language Spanish Revised Edition by Angel FloresDesigned for the lover of fine literature as well as the intermediate language student, this dual-language book contains 13 great, representative Spanish short stories.

Chronologically arranged to illustrate the development of the story form in Spanish, the stories are presented both in Spanish and English, enabling students to learn a language while simultaneously studying literary classics.

Edited by former Queens College professor Angel Flores, the volume includes brilliant works not available in any other edition published in the U.S. First-rate stories range from the medieval tales of Don Juan Manuel and the classics of Cervantes, Alarcon and Miguel de Unamuno to the highly acclaimed contemporary works of Jorge Luis Borges, Camilo Jose Cela, and Juan Goytisolo. Also included are satirical views of Spanish life by Leopolda Alas (Clarin) and Emilia Pardo Bazan, charming sketches by Ricardo Palma, and the socially and politically inspired writings of Benito Lynch and Horacia Quiroga.

With this book, language students will be able to follow Spanish classics in the original while having immediate access to a complete, faithful English translation on the facing page. The dual format saves hours in word-hunting and note-taking, allowing more time for intensified study of the language, building vocabulary and practicing conversation. The present volume also contains an informative essay on Spanish literature, a biographical-critical introduction to each story, notes on obscure references and idioms and a Spanish-to-English vocabulary.

Students of language and comparative literature will find the dual-language format convenient and helpful and the stories deeply satisfying; readers interested in Spanish literature will want to add this important and stimulating collection to their personal libraries.

Amazon Reviews:

I love the idea of this book — with a spanish page and its adjacent corresponding english page. It’s a great way to learn more spanish outside of just verbal skill-building. I also like the fact that the book includes some older, more formally-written stories (especially the hilarious one about the guy who marries the “problem” girl and how he tames her the first evening together). The format of the book is good — not too large or small; stays open easily. I would prefer the type face to be a little more streamlined/updated, but that’s a minor nit at best. – Jennifer Antunano

I can’t speak Spanish. I can’t read Spanish. But I’m getting better every day. This book is a much more entertaining and natural way to learn than simply reading a Spanish dictionary. You follow a story in English on one side of the page, and then read it again in Spanish on the other side. Or you can try first reading it in Spanish, and then double checking in English. I do wonder how dated some of the slang might be, because this book is a few years old. But its still a great way to learn!!! – Taylchrs

I used this book when I was doing my initial Spanish immersion. I thought it was a great read. I love bilingual Spanish or other language books because I don’t have to use a dictionary as much and I can guess many of the words’ meanings – more so hat just looking at them and guessing. Of course, as a result, my reading score was much higher on my State Department test than my spoken Spanish, but I’m an introvert, so that’s to be expected. Besides, I think that absorbing information via reading is more important than being able to chat with folks. My listening score is good because of bilingua movies that I watch with the Spanish dubbing and Spanish subtitles. This books is a great resource for an intermediate Spanish student. Maybe even a brave beginner. – Charlotte A. Hu

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