Spanish Short Stories for Beginners

If you want to learn Spanish fast, grow your vocabulary, learn grammar and improve your pronunciation, then I have good news for you:

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Maybe you are here because you have purchased another language learning book without achieving the desired results, or perhaps you have spent a lot of money buying books and courses to learn Spanish with poor results. Or maybe you are an absolute beginner and want to learn Spanish fast and effectively.

Fortunately, this is the right place and you can achieve your goal without spending tons of money.

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners uses a revolutionary method that will empower you to step on the gas, taking you from less than beginner level to speaking and understanding real conversational Spanish with complete confidence.

Even if Spanish is the first language you are trying to learn.

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– No Waste of Money and Time
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– 20 Fun and Interactive Stories and Conversations with Exercises

If you are tired of wasting time and money with useless courses and books and want to learn Spanish effectively then join the thousands of people who have already bought the Short Stories Series.

Amazon Reviews:

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners is a creative and interactive approach to learning Spanish. The stories are easy to follow and the vocabulary terms throughout are useful for a reader trying to understand the terms used throughout. The voice over was easy to understand and follow throughout the entire book. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to learn vocabulary, conversation and pronunciation of words in Spanish. – Willam D. Johny

This product is awesome for those that are just getting into learning the Spanish language, or for those like me who have taken courses in the past, but have rusted skills due to lack of use. Sometimes the hardest thing about learning a language is that you learn it from afar and do not have access to people that you can sharpen your skills with. This book provides a bridge to working to keep those skills fresh through reading stories that not only allows you keep engaged with learning outside of a textbook but also poses questions to help increase your comprehension. – Ramos Jassel

I needed to refresh my memory since i haven’t practice Spanish in while , spent a couple months in Mexico, this books helped me to remember several words i forgot the meaning.The book contains short stories that revolve around daily themes that are in Spanish as well as English. This book gives us an effective way of pronunciation as well as an English glossary in case if we do not know the meaning of such words. Each chapter contains a quiz that summarizes the story that you have read. Afterwards, the book gives you a summary that you can compare with your own understanding of the short stores. – Kristine Regenhard

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