Love Among The Planets

Selena, soul of the moon falls for Aurora, soul of the sun.

When Aurora dies, Selena thinks she’ll never find love again, but then Pearl, soul of Pluto, shows up to offer her support.

But can she hold on to that love?

Editorial Reviews:

Love Among the Planets by Isabel Scheck is an unconventional and symbolic love story. Selena, the soul of the moon, falls in love with Aurora, the soul of the sun. As nothing in this world, even in the heavens, is permanent, Aurora dies and leaves a desolate Selena hungry for affection. Pearl, the soul of Pluto, is there to console her and to keep her company. This bonding, forged by friendship and mutual admiration, evolves into something more profound for Selena. Will Pearl manifest the same feelings for Selena, or will Selena forever suffer from the agony of abandonment? We are led to believe that these planetary characters are representations of real people, and we can subtly guess that the author is writing about an episode in her life.  – Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Isabel Scheck’s poetic narrative, Love Among the Planets, is a charming love story told in free verse. The author, the poet, has a gift for words, metaphors and similes and the power of simple description. The love story is written with an author’s flair for vibrant prose and a poet’s gift of words. There is so much elegance in the poet’s use of description. Every phrase, every word, is heavy with significant meaning. This is more than a mere love story, but an expression of pure beauty. The story, the poem, is both haunting and eloquent. – Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Love Among The Planets is a work of novella-length fantasy and emotional storytelling for young adults, penned by author Isabel Scheck. The work is also accompanied by illustrations from the author. The free-verse style of this epic and poetic novella displays author Isabel Scheck’s talent for wordplay, beautiful imagery and an unending commitment to the wonder and heartbreak of love. Though the book will certainly suit young adults for its poetic and romantic notions, any older reader of the great classics and metaphysical poets is sure to find delight in its excellent wordage and pacing. Overall, Love Among The Planets will earn a place in the heart of poetic dreamers everywhere for its tale of real emotions and hope after loss. – K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite Love

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