Everyone Left Behind: 4 minutes to chaos

Everyone Left Behind: 4 minutes to chaos by Time O. DayHershal had grown tired of his wife Priscilla’s doom and gloom, End Times, vision of the future and wasn’t about to do anymore stockpiling for it either. He just wanted to retire in peace.

Change descended when he accidentally shot a Peeping Tom. Though he buried him on his remote Montana property, he couldn’t bury the man’s curse. Haunted by it, and about to be found out, he sent up a desperate prayer. That night he had a strange dream. Priscilla’s interpretation of the dream was to stockpile enough food to look after seventy people for five years because perilous times were surely coming . . .

Amazon Reviews:

After many disappointing series and authors who have to use foul language and sex to create a story line, this was a refreshing and delightful find. The story isn’t about a happy time but it is about humans and our flaws and failures as we seek to know our self and to know God. You won’t be disappointed! – Bebec

We loved this book. The story is thought provoking and the characters are quirky. Entertaining with a story line that keeps you engaged. We are hoping for more! – Feldman family

This story got five stars from me because it is simply the best I’ve ever read. Plenty of action and perils that come with disaster. But those elements are only the backdrop for the real story. I’ll avoid being a spoiler and not write more. But I’ll indicate my appreciation for this novel by saying I would pay for a hardcopy, just to have it around to read again and again. – Kindle Customer

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