Coastal Breeze Book One in the Bluewater Breeze Series

Breeze is made an offer he can’t refuse. A three million dollar yacht is his for the taking, but there are strings attached.

He’s sent to Panama to repossess the vessel from its current captain, who becomes an unlikely ally during a mission to Colombia.

He desperately wants to get home to Florida, but the return trip is fraught with problems and complicated by the uneasy relationship with his passenger. Any attempt to come to terms with the loss of his lover must wait for the completion of the journey.

A new life awaits if he can stay alive long enough to realize it.

Amazon Reviews:

Love all of Ed Robinson’s books. My heart & soul are always at the beach. Reading his books takes me to many of the islands I have been. Especially hit home “Modern culture had left me far behind. I didn’t understand any of it…” Waiting on the next book. – Terri L Rizzo

Ed Robison has been consistent with every book he writes by keeping the reader engaged and enthralled. It is special to be able to take real life and interject adventure for everyone to share. If you have been to these geographic areas you will appreciate the details. Excellent read and recommended to everyone who enjoys life with a twist. – Tracy

Coastal Breeze grabs you by the collar and swings you around from the very beginning, leaving us and Breeze bleary eyed. Life in the mountains is over as he knows it, but the good news (for us readers) is that Breeze heads back to the water, and Ed Robinson does a beautiful job in bringing us on the journey with him. New boat, old friends, and new enemies make Coastal Breeze the edge of your seat read we expect from this author. As the protagonist himself says, “It’s good to be back.” We agree! – John H. Cunningham

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