GusWhen aging cowboy Gus Matthews gets fired from Rocking-C ranch for laying out the mean-spirited, know-nothing foreman, he heads north for Oklahoma, where he finds work with the Aronsons, an elderly couple whose ranch has seen better days.

What should be easy work for kindly employers quickly turns sour when Gus discovers that the neighboring Slash-M ranch have been rustling the Aronsons’ cattle. Even worse, Gus becomes the corrupt sheriff’s main suspect in a string of violent crimes plaguing the county.

Gus finds an unlikely ally in beautiful Libby, but she has her own reasons for wanting to take down the Slash-M, and the Aronsons’ seductive daughter Sara has secrets that could get Gus killed if he lets himself get too close…

This is a new release of an edition originally published by C.J. Petit.

Amazon Reviews:

Gus is the kind of man we all want to be and Mr Petit makes him believable. Very believable storyline and not so short that book is over just as the story gets real good. Kept my attention. – S. Rhodes

Has been a long time since I have read a book that I had a hard time putting down to hit the sack. This one is one of them. His is the common guy with uncommon qualities. The book has enough twist and turns to keep it interesting and edge of you seat suspense. A good man in a hard world doing the best he can through heart break and sorrow. Like I said the book is just plain good. – David C. Wall, Sr.

This book was an easy read although I guess an unlikely story. But strange things do happen in life, and I still believe most of the time good things come to those who wait. It does make one want to read more of his books. – Smiley

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