Invest, Reinvest, Rest: Investment Advice for All Generations

Justin and Judy start with $2000. One becomes a millionaire, the other a multi-millionaire. Why does one do better than the other?


“It’s just as though she is coaching you step by step” is what one reviewer said about my book.

I tell you where to go to get good advice and chart your path to financial independence.

“…is the best DIY investing book on the market today. It will change your habits for the better, along with your nest egg, as you watch it grow.” – Adriene Berg Host of Generation Bold Radio and Emmy award winning speaker, blogger and author.

Amazon Reviews:

I really do not know much about investing This book was a great start for me and an easy read. – Marilyn Matuch

This is a solid book that teaches you the concept of investing, while protecting you from the volatility of the stock market. This clear, concise book is great for beginners to advanced investors. It gives you options for long-term advice as you navigate the stock market. – J McCarthy

Haggert offers tips, insights and common sense strategies to start your investment journey. And a real journey it is as the premise of her offering is the beauty of long term investment with dividend offering stocks for all generations. For the new investor who wonders if he/she can navigate this journey you come upon handy definitions of investment terms. Its just as though she is coaching you step by step. Her chatty, conversational style is refreshing and inspires confidence. This is not a book of platitudes. Rather an offering of research based information and where to….. Her reliance on financial newsletters and selected financial institutions gives the book the needed heft and her worksheets provide ready made structures for analysis. You will return to this book often, underline passages, ear mark pages and plot your progress. – Judith A Worrell

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