Blue Sky Lightning: How To Survive And Thrive When Life Blindsides You

Blue Sky Lightning How To Survive And Thrive When Life Blindsides You by Jeff KuhnAll of us deal with trauma, lightning bolts that disrupt our lives in small or devastating ways. But no matter what you’re facing, you can recover—through strength, fortitude, and belief.

Jeff Kuhn survived the unthinkable: burns over 80 percent of his body and a rare neuromuscular disease. Despite it all, Jeff found the courage to keep moving on. In Blue Sky Lightning, he shares both his unbelievable journey through trauma and what those experiences taught him. You are not alone. Your mental fortitude is stronger than you think. Small victories make huge differences. Unconditional love lives in unexpected places (sometimes, even in non-human hearts). And, as long as the odds are not zero, you can win.

Blue Sky Lightning is a beacon of hope for the hopeless, a call to share your own inspiring story, and proof that anyone can overcome even the most dire catastrophes.

Amazon Reviews:

This was such an inspirational story! A quick read that will set your mind straight on what’s important in life. Thanks for sharing your story. – Kathy L. Ray

Jeff Kuhn’s “Blue Sky Lightning” is an inspiring, personal story of courage and heart, in the face of true adversity. By telling his story so thoughtfully and honestly—and by showing us how we, like him, can tap our true strength and survive even the unthinkable—Kuhn creates great hope. An encouraging and heartfelt read! – Dorie Clark

Jeff Kuhn’s book reminds us of the importance of hope in life’s journey. No matter our circumstances, life has a way of leveling the playing field when it comes to hard knocks, roadblocks, and adversity. No one is immune, despite what we see from the outside. Those who come to the end of life are the ones who have found purpose and value in what they’ve done with their precious years. Jeff reminds us that hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. – LaRae Quy

If you’re going through tough times and feel you’re alone, this book will provide you with the inspiration and fortitude to fight on. Many people going through tough battles feel sorry for themselves and lose all sense of hope. Jeff Kuhn demonstrates that you can fight the big fight and come out a winner. More importantly, he shows you how! Bravo, Jeff for being an inspiration to us all. I strongly recommend this book. – Frank Sonnenberg

Blue Sky Lightning is an amazing story of someone who was twice beyond the threshold of feeling anything and death was an inevitability. Jeff Kuhn is being burned on over eighty percent of the body where no one expected him to survive. Jeff’s survival has nothing to do with luck. This is pure strong will to live. This book shares the story how Jeff Kuhn took a role of the CEO of his recovery and used every little chance. This is an incredibly encouraging story showing how to fight those tough life’s battles. Best recommendations. – Amazon Customer

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