American Presidents Quiz Book for Kids (Who Am I Series? Book 1)

This fun kid’s quiz book, complete with lots of pictures, is a tribute to the first 45 presidents of the United States of America.

From George Washington to Donald Trump, this book is packed with entertaining trivia tidbits and lots of fun images too!

From simple questions in the front to lesser known fun facts in the back, this book will test your knowledge while learning little known fun facts and silly trivia about the leaders who have shaped the United States of America.

Play on your own, or enjoy it with family and friends! Kids can quiz their parents with the fun facts quiz in the back of the book. Have fun and enjoy! Each question is worth one point unless otherwise noted.

Notice: The Amazon “Look Inside” feature shows questions and answers on the same page however your kindle, e–reader and/or reading app will show only one question per page, with the answer on the following page.

So get your copy right now!

Amazon Review:

Know your Grant’s and your Benjamin’s for less than a Lincoln!

This little quiz book is excellent for teaching children about the Presidents of the United States of America, from Washington himself, right up to the ‘new guy’ #45.

The book has been carefully laid out to allow ‘page-turn-reveals’ of various facts and quiz details, an unusual choice but designed to install some fun and mystery into the process. I can picture a child, sat on his grandfather’s knee, reading aloud the question, then having a child-like guess at the answer, turning the page as they did.

As a side note, I’m not a US citizen and found this book to be useful even as an adult. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Americans all over the world, and the ones I have always engaged with most are the ones who know a bit about their nation, and how it came to be.

This book could be fundamental for a critical segment of that knowledge. – AWI

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