Ring the Bell – Another #1 New Release

Ring the Bell - Another #1 New Release on Amazon.com Congratulations to author Robert Fear on his #1 New Release in Balearic Islands Travel Guides on Amazon.com!

Robert’s solo travel memoir, “Summer of ’77: Beaches, bars and boogie nights in Ibiza,” featured right here on our blog, scored the #1 New Release status on Amazon.com’s Balearic Islands Travel Guides category today!

Book Blurb: This true to life memoir follows 21-year-old Fred’s adventures as he acclimatises to living abroad. In a time before instant communication, he keeps in touch with family and friends by letter. They are his lifeline to home. If you enjoy reading about people’s life-changing experiences, then this book is for you.

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Note: Amazon’s charts update hourly so this book’s status as #1 New Release is subject to change.