Edelweiss: A heart-rending tale of suspense, tragedy and love

Edelweiss A heart-rending tale of suspense, tragedy and love by Madge SwindellsSet in Europe during World War II, Edelweiss is a story of heroism and love.

Marietta von Burgheim is a woman of beauty and morality, and an heiress to a fortune. Turning her back on the responsibilities of her noble birth and her father’s wrath, Marietta joins a student resistance group determined to overthrow the Nazis.

Bill Roth, Reuters’ correspondent based in pre-war Berlin, is the maverick heir to his uncle, an American industrialist. When Bill and Marietta meet they fall headlong in love, but their passion is overshadowed by the horror of the Nazi occupation and the outbreak of war.

Hugo von Hesse, Marietta’s step-brother, makes a meteoric rise through the ranks to become a powerful SS officer. Reaching the pinnacle of power in the New Order, Hugo uses his position to destroy the von Burgheims and take over the family fortune.

As the Nazis tighten their grip on Europe, the struggle between Marietta, Bill and Hugo becomes a microcosm of the war itself – violent, bloody and treacherous.

Amazon Reviews:

The story of a group of young resistance fighters, their trials, sacrifices ,triumphs and romance. They put their lives on the line to fight the Nazi evil. Loved the story and the believable characters. Would recommend. – Shirley McAllister

Compelling WWII novel of love, compassion, dedication. Well-researched, interesting characters. At first I grimaced because I’m not found of stories with royalty and titled or millionaire characters. I soon changed my mind and became absorbed in the novel. Very well handled, indeed. Good writing. – TainaQ

I loved everything about it and every page of it!! The characters, the love, the drama, the hatred, the evil was all there. I didn’t like the horror inflicted upon others, of course, but it was very true to life. It’s horrible the evilness that is within people to harm others as they did then and now and all throughout time. The book was not overly graphic but you got the point of the viciousness. It was well researched and written so well. I don’t want to give anything away so I will keep this brief. Anyone interested in WWII will like this story. I thoroughly loved it and was frustrated when I had to put it down to do my daily household and life duties! – pamarella

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